What Wed Read: Yes We (Still) Can: Politics in The Age of Obama, Twitter & Trump by Dan Pfeiffer

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Review by Lane Hollingsworth 

In the introduction, Pfeiffer advises the book isn’t a “behind the scenes” look at the Obama era.” I was sad when I read that part. However, stories from the Obama era are told throughout the book. (Yay!) These stories provide a warm hug from the administration we once had. The most thought provoking portion of the book is dismantling how Trump was elected & how “fake news” played a huge part. Dan Pfeiffer also looks at how 45’s presidency has created an evolution of who is/isn’t able to run for office. This is a great book for those who love Pod Save America. The book provides insight on how Hillary lost, Trump won, & how Obama should have been president in a different time.

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